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We are proud to offer an online feature that allows our clients to review their accounts. You can report payments, check the status of your accounts and request customized reports designed for your specific needs.

Monthly Statement

DCI generates statements for our clients which show all payment activity for that statement period. Our statements generate monthly, but can be made for whatever amount of time our client prefers. Settlement checks for the amount collected, less our agency commission, are mailed with the statements.

Client Inventory

Our clients can elect to receive this report if they wish to have a detailed summary of their accounts listed with our agency. The report shows the date listed, consumer name, consumer account number, the amount listed, amount paid, amount cancelled, current balance and the status of each account. The list can be generated for all accounts or can be restricted to a specific subset of the listed accounts to suit our client’s needs. The report can also be delivered via mail, fax or email.

Performance and Aging

These reports are available through our marketing department and can help our clients identify and improve how effective the collection program is on their accounts by analyzing the age of the accounts listed, the balance of the accounts, and the return based on those statistics.

Customized Reports

All information provided by our clients on their consumers or subsequently obtained by our collection staff becomes an attribute in the consumer’s record which can then be used for reporting purposes. Each attribute is available for pulling the information into specialized reports to suit the needs of our client. Our IT department is available to our client’s to discuss their needs and develop reporting tools that work for them.

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