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We often receive questions regarding the collection or client care process, and we are always happy help! Below, you will find our frequently asked questions and answers. If you do not see your question on the list, please contact us for assistance.

Our direct telephone number is (701) 483-9111, option #2, or 800-822-0176, option #2. You can also email us at: contact@dcicredit.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I accept a payment from a consumer after they’ve been sent to collections?

Yes, if a consumer is visiting your office, we never suggest turning down a payment. However, if they contact you by phone or email, we ask that you direct them to contact DCI at (800)-822-0176, or locally at (701)483-9111.

If you receive payment, you need to report that payment to DCI using the online Qwik Client Portal.

If a consumer contacts me about the account, can I refer them to DCI?

Yes, please direct all customer calls to DCI at: (800) 822-0176 or (701) 483-9111.

How do I send accounts to you to collect?
We have a secure online Client Portal that allows you to place your past due accounts, check account updates, report payments, and send documentation for accounts.
How can I get an inventory of my accounts?

You can view all the accounts listed with DCI on the Qwik Client Portal. You can also request an active inventory by emailing contact@dcicredit.com

How do I login to the Qwik Client Portal?

Please contact our Client Care team at (701) 483-9111, option 2; or by emailing contact@dcicredit.com and a member of our team will send you your login credentials.

How do I report an insurance payment/adjustment?

Log in to the Qwik Client Portal to report that payment. If it’s an insurance payment, you’ll use the payment type “Insurance”. If it’s an insurance adjustment, you’ll use the payment type “Decrease Adjustment”.

What is Barracuda?
Barracuda is the encryption service DCI uses to secure emails. If you don’t remember your password for that, click “Forgot Password” and a password change link will be emailed to you.
Can I cancel an account after it’s been sent to DCI?
Yes, you can request an account to be cancelled anytime. You will want to review your collection agreement with DCI for certain exclusions.
How long does it take to collect an account?
If the consumer responds to our initial collection attempts, it could be collected within 30-90 days. However, if the consumer does not respond or cooperate with our collection attempts, and DCI must take legal action, it could take much longer.
What is the best time to contact your office?
You can contact us anytime Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We have offices located in two separate time zones.

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